It’s school time and Rieti now has a minibus!

Minibus donated by the Associazione Crocerossine d’Italia Onlus [Red Cross] in collaboration with IP api Group

On 27 January 2021, the Associazione Crocerossine d'Italia Onlus [Red Cross Association] in collaboration with IP api Group presented a minibus to the Istituto Superiore [High School] Luigi di Savoia in Rieti in the region of Lazio. The bus will transport students from the institute to the farm that is home to activities that form part of the curriculum.

The donation was made during a particularly challenging period for the students who had been unable to fully partake in lessons due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic. COVID-19, however, had in fact worsened an already difficult situation for Rieti young people who, like many of their contemporaries in Central Italy, experienced crowded conditions that were not ideal for studying. Often lessons were run in shifts due to a lack of classrooms because they had collapsed or were considered unsafe following the 2016 earthquake.

Watching on as the minibus was presented were Mila Brachetti Peretti, President of the Italian Red Cross, and institute directors Stefania Santarelli and Maria Rita Pitoni.

A helping hand today to make tomorrow safer: over the next few years, the minibus will help improve attendance in lab learning by allowing more students to access the farm.