Selection process

Our selection process is divided into several steps, aimed at making assessment as objective as possible and gradually narrowing down the list until we have a focused selection of candidates to present for final interviews with the relevant decision makers. This is designed to ensure we don’t only look at individual characteristics, but also consider attitudinal traits and potential for growth.

We use a number of different recruitment and selection methodologies, depending on the nature of the role in question.

Group interviews

These consist of a test where you are presented with a typical situation that could occur in the business world. This is in the form of a case study that you work on together as a group to come up with a share proposal, solution or decision.
The selection panel do not take part in these discussions, but are there to observe the discussion and evaluate each candidate’s teamworking skills and try to understand whether they have the requisite skills for the role in question.
There is no “right or wrong” approach and our advice in these exercises is simply to be who you are.

Personality and attitudinal questionnaires

These are designed to gain an understanding of behavioural tendencies. They do not evaluate candidates’ skill, but look at how they interact with others, handle emotions and approach problem solving. Although it is clear that certain styles will be more appropriate in given situations or roles in the workplace, once again, there is no “right or wrong” kind of behaviour or answer.

Individual interviews

Line interviews

Our approach is not to judge, but to evaluate the suitability of every candidate we meet for the roles and opportunities we offer. We believe that the process of filling a role is a two-way one so we place equal importance on getting know a candidate and ensuring they get to know us and understand what the role they are applying for entails. For example, sales and commercially-oriented roles demand that successful candidates are available to travel around Italy. In terms of individual growth and to take advantage of opportunities that arise, it is important to gain experience in different geographic areas.
We are committed to gender parity and place value on difference when it comes to recruitment.

Company induction

When newcomers join the company, they undergo an induction process that combines classroom training and other methods. Every new staff member takes part in a three-day bootcamp, part of which is held at the headquarters in Rome and part in the relevant group site. During these days, employees learn about IP’s various business areas, values, history and working practices.