Fill up using your smartphone!

With Tinaba, you can pay at the pump using the credit available in your online wallet or share travel costs with friends or colleagues.

How does it work?

All you need to do is create a shared account on Tinaba so that you can collect contributions from your travel companions. When you fuel up using a self-service pump, you can choose whether to use the money in your own wallet or pay from the shared account. The good news is that there are no commissions or extra charges.

Once you have activated your Tinaba account, you can manage all refuelling-related operations from behind the steering wheel, simply by using Bluetooth and selecting the relevant IP distributor.

This means you can select the amount of fuel you wish to purchase and the pump and get your receipt without having to step foot out of your vehicle.

Should you experience any issues during a refuelling operation, refer to the Tinaba help page or open a complaint ticket on the Tinaba app.

Find a list of  IP distributors where you can pay via the Tinaba app 

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Tinaba is a free app that allows you to send, share and manage your money quickly and easily, with no commissions or hidden costs.