Loyalty programme

The IP BOX PIU’ programme has been extended!

IP Box Più means that when you refuel, you enjoy benefits and cost-saving, whether you choose “Self” or “Served” , and  with  a vast network of participating outlets, you have plenty of opportunities to earn points and, when you select a served refuel, you’ll also enjoy fuel discounts.

There's still time to fill up and enjoy a bonus!

With IP Box Più you can keep on earning points and discounts until 31 october 2023!

Don’t forget to check your receipt to see your discount expiry date!

It’s simple! Simply download the Stazioni IP  app and open up a world of benefits.
Discover all you can do on our App Stazioni IP with a simple click.
And, if you don’t yet have the Stazioni IP app , download it now!

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Stazioni IP App

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Points and fuel discounts

When you refuel, you always get a bonus with IP Box Più!
Visit a partecipating outlet and with every litre of fuel purchased, you’ll receive*

⦁ 2 POINTS + A DISCOUNT OF 2 CENTESIMI/€ when you purchase SERVED FUEL   

*Limits: Points: 60 litres/day - 180 litres/month. Discount: 120 litres/month
Accumulate points up until 16 october 2023 and redeem your reward by 31 october 2023. The second point on every litre earned with served fuel is a bonus point that can be accumulated up until 16 october 2023.   

How to accumulate points

Simply register and create a digital card in the Stazioni IP app and you’ll be ready to start accumulating points instantly!

When you choose our Served refuel service, all you need to do is present your digital card to a staff member who will credit the relevant points and fuel discount, based on your purchase.

If you refuel using Self Service, you can collect your points in two ways:

  1. ask for a receipt and insert the code you find on it into the Stazioni IP app (choose the ENTER CODE function), or
  2. digitare direttamente sul display dell’accettatore automatico il Codice App (Codice numerico della Carta Digitale che trovi sotto il codice a barre), oppure inserire una carta in tuo possesso (Tessera con Codice Fiscale o Carta IP Box Più).

The points and fuel discount earned from your refuel will automatically appear in the “IP Box Più” section of the Stazioni IP app.

For full details, see the IP Box Più Rules & Conditions

Rewards catalogue

How do you redeem your points?  Browse the online catalogue