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IP Pay

Discover how you can use Mobile Payment to pay when you refuel at participating IP service stations. It’s fast, simple and safe!
This service is available only to customers who have signed up to the IP Box Più programme.
When you pay using IP Pay, your points are automatically credited to your account.
Click here to watch our video tutorial.

Click here to find your nearest distributor with IP Pay!

Home page

On the homepage, you will find a geolocation map that makes it easy to find your nearest IP service station. You can personalise your search by selecting the services you most often use and then you’ll stay up to date when it comes to relevant news and promotions.

Find an outlet

Finding IP service stations is easier than ever with a tool that uses geolocation or address, and includes filters so that you can see the products and services available at each outlet.
Most importantly, you can also find which of our distributors sells Optimo, our top-of-the-range fuel!

IP Box Più

Sign up to our loyalty programme and use our app’s digital card to earn points and discounts every time you fill up.
You receive a unique, handy code that lets you check your points balance and accumulated fuel discount value whenever you want. When you’re ready to redeem your points, you can browse the catalogue and choose your rewards with a couple of clicks.


Manage your profile, connect to your social networks and invite your friends to download the app so that they can also enjoy the benefits of the IP world.


Keep an eye on this section as it’s where you’ll find news, initiatives and promotions tailored to you!


This is the area where you’ll find notifications we send to you, such as news, current promotions and a host of other interesting and useful content.
Don’t forget to authorise our push notifications and to give us the OK from a privacy point of view so that we can send you special promotions and keep you in the know about special initiatives.


This is where you get to make suggestions and help us to improve.

Contact us!

This section contains assistance and information on how to get in touch. You can use the “Write to us” form to contact our Customer Service team directly.

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