Fuel vouchers

Electronic fuel vouchers are generic prepaid cards with a magnetic strip and choice of values, that can be used to purchase OPTIMO diesel and petrol, LPG and methane from a comprehensive network of IP service stations, 24 hours a day, whether you choose to fill up using self-service or otherwise.

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Available in values of €10, €30, €50, €100, €250 and €500, allowing you to do away with cash and travel with peace of mind.

You don’t need to use the entire value of your electronic voucher at any one time, and can check the residual value on the receipt issued at the end of every transaction.
Once purchased, they are activated within 24 hours and are valid for 18 months from that date.


  1. An original gift idea
  2. . They make a great reward for company incentive or bonus schemes.
    To learn more about Employee Welfare initiatives and key points detailed in DL 21/03/22 (“Petrol Bonus”), click here
  3. Handy safe payment means, eliminating the need for cash
  4. They come with a dedicated Client Service function.


IP fuel vouchers can be purchased as follows:

  • directly from our window at our premises in Rome (Via Salaria, 1322) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.15 am – 1.30 pm via the following payment methods: cash payment only (in accordance with the limits specified by law and valid at the time purchase), a “not transferable” bank draft made out to italiana petroli S.p.A. Visa, Mastercard or PagoBancomat debit or credit cards. We do not currently accept Amex and Diners. There is no minimum spend.
  • By calling freephone 800 99 47 50 (Italy) from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 7 pm, and Saturday 8 am – 1 pm.

The minimum amount that can be ordered is €600 for private companies, €5000 for public administration bodies. Payment should be made via bank transfer and must be made before the vouchers are sent. Bank transfers should be made once the order has been confirmed and a communication containing an alphanumeric code has been sent, as this must be provided with the payment.

The transfer of fuel vouchers represents an operation outside the VAT scope pursuant to art. 6-quater of the Presidential Decree 633/72, therefore the amount that will be communicated to customers to transfer will include stamp duty of €2.00.

Check the balance of your fuel vouchers