Energy production from renewable sources

IP Gruppo api manufactures biofuels by co-processing renewable raw materials at the Ancona refinery, which houses three 30-tonne tanks.
Double-counting biofuels are obtained from waste and residue, materials which would otherwise have to be disposed of. Instead, they enter the circcular economy.

The IP api group also owns a wind-powered electric energy-generating plant in the rural area of Castelfranco in Miscano, in the Benevento province. The park contains 50 wind turbines each able to generate up to 600kw, making for a potential total output of 30 megawatts. On average, it produces 35,000 megawatts a year and provides power to around 12,000 households.

IP Gruppo api also has a group of both owned and jointly owned photovoltaic plants across Italy, with a potential of over 4 megawatts.