IP Gruppo api values and mission


We provide energy to an Italy on the move.

We are at the heart of the energy transition and passionately committed to make the most of the opportunities it presents.


The values that guide the actions and behaviour of the whole Group originate from its history and guide its future development. They impose responsibility for making decisions for stakeholders, strengthen the level of integration of IP employees and determine the company's organisational structure.

Since 1933, IP has been powering an Italy on the move. Over the years, it has strengthened its logistic and distribution network in order to continuously meet the mobility needs of the Italian population.

Today the group is at the heart of the energy transition and brings passion to its commitment to making the most of the opportunities it presents

A sustainable society is not one that moves less, but one that moves in a better way.

Reflecting the mission to “provide energy to an Italy on the move”, IP is committed to meeting Italian’s mobility needs wherever they may be and by means of a range of energy types.

Facilitating mobility is part of the group’s DNA and means offering solutions that foster the incredible freedom, emancipation and opportunities that mobility delivers, but doing so in a way that is more sustainable and accessible for all.

The distribution network is key to the transition, a transition that necessitates working towards ambitious emission reduction goals without depriving the population of their mobility.

There are no compromises for those who work for and with IP.

IP believes in transparent procedures and adopting linear governance that isolates any abnormal behaviour. The company firmly believes that integrity and sustainability can never be separated, and that respect for the rules should form the foundation of market competition.

IP is aware of the responsibility that comes with being a major player in the Italian market, together with the responsibility its own mission entails. As such, IP takes a respectful approach in all aspects of its business, understanding that its activities impact not only its employees and clients, but also its partners (many of which tend to be smaller), the wider community and the environment.

IP is also committed to creating value for stakeholders, to supporting the areas and the communities it is present in, and investing in best practice health and safety technologies and approaches when it comes to people and the environment.

The company understands that consumer and client needs and habits are changing, with sustainability become a factor in choosing products and services. For IP, sustainability is an area where it can offer a competitive advantage.

Growth and development should not come at the price of quality workmanship and IP believes in honest, secure work where workers have all the skills they need to carry out their tasks.

IP is committed to creating a culture that shares the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals and to creating a skilled workforce. To this end, the Academy has been set up to enable ongoing training and upskilling.

In line with the values that shape IP’s people, every person is responsible for making consistent decisions when it comes to their stakeholders, and to respect the principles outlined in the company’s Sustainability Policy as they perform their daily work.