IP Gruppo api runs a comprehensive logistics system with a high storage capacity (2.5 million cubic metres) to support its distribution and sales activities throughout Italy.
It is present along the Adriatic coast with the Ancona Refinery at Falconara Marittima, the company-owned depot in Barletta and a depot in Pescara in which it holds a 30% share.

On the Tyrrhenian side of the country, there is a coastal depot in Savona and a logistics hub in Rome, which supplies much of Central Italy along with aircraft fuel to the capital’s Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.

It also significantly contributes to the supply of the Po Valley, in particular Piedmont and Lombardy, with its depots in Trecate, Nizza Monferrato, the Trecate-based Sarpom refinery (25% holding) and the Sigemi logistics operation, in which it has a 40% stake.

Volpiano, in the province of Turin, is home to the modified bitumen production site Bitumtec s.r.l.

Through direct connections via pipeline with the Trecate Refinery (Malpensa) and IP Industrial's Rome site (Fiumicino), the IP group has become one of the principal jet fuel suppliers to Rome and Milan’s airports.
In addition, the Ancona refinery produces marine fuel (BUNKER link) which supplies the fleets of the main passenger transport companies at the nearby port.

With around 76% of the fuel released for consumption coming from its own sources, the widespread logistic network enjoys a high level of autonomy in terms of procurement and distribution.
This integrated logistics solution has also contributed to the development of the innovative OPTIMO range of fuels