IP api Group manages a complex logistics system with high storage capacity (5 million m3) to support distribution and sales activities serving the Italian territory.

The Group, which is already active in the North West with the depots at Trecate and Nizza Monferrato, the coastal depot of Savona, the BITUMTEC site in Volpiano (TO) and 26% of the logistics system of SIGEMI, is strengthening its presence with the acquisition of the assets of Esso Italiana, which took place on 1 October 2023. In particular, it is present with SARPOM, which manages the logistics and industrial complex consisting of the 100%-owned Trecate (Novara) refinery, the Quiliano crude oil import terminal (Savona) and a network of oil pipelines (approximately 450 km), along with the depots at Arluno, Chivasso and the Genoa Calata Canzio terminal (owned). The Refinery, located in the heart of the triangle between the cities of Turin, Genoa and Milan, represents an important reality mainly for the production of fuels and guarantees the supply of jet fuel at Milan Malpensa airport thanks to a direct connection via oil pipeline (about 30 km long). Through the control of 12.50% of the company Disma S.p.A., the Group manages the centralized jet fuel depot and a static aeroplane refuelling plant (Hydrant Refuelling System) at Malpensa airport. The Organisation also serves the airports of Milan Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio. The Calata Canzio depot ensures the regular supply of marine products (fuel oil and diesel) at the port in Genoa. The logistics infrastructure of IP makes an important contribution to the supply of the Po Valley, in particular Piedmont and Lombardy.

The Group is present along the Adriatic belt with the Falconara Marittima refinery, the Barletta depot (owned) and the one in Pescara, in which the company has a 30% interest. The Refinery also produces marine fuel (bunker) and supplies the fleets of the main companies operating in the passenger transport sector at the port of Ancona.

On the Tyrrhenian coast, IP operates through the logistics hub of Rome (IP Industrial), which guarantees the supply of jet fuel to the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino (Rome). Through the company ENGYCALOR Energia Calore, IP controls the bitumen depot in Naples, the fuel depot controls the bitumen depot in Naples, the fuel depots at Merano and Pisa, and handles sales to both business customers and the end consumer.