IP Plus portal

The online platform for all IP clients, designed for 360° management of your fuel card or cards, with a modular structure that can be customised to ensure the best possible solution for different client categories.

Base package

The basic functions necessary to manage cards autonomously. Key aspects:

Card management

       ⦁ Access details of your card(s) and export their data via Excel
       ⦁ Modify any of your card’s details
       ⦁ Create cards and manage expired ones
       ⦁ Block cards completely autonomously
       ⦁ Modify card limits and the products / services they can be used for
       ⦁ Monitor the status of any request you have made
       ⦁ Request assistance or information relating to your fuel cards

Daily transactions

        ⦁ Check transaction details
        ⦁ Look up invoices
        ⦁ Print out courtesy copies of electronic invoices
        ⦁ Download invoices in Excel

Service station locator

Find all IP service stations in your region or territory

Price list finder

Check the day’s prices and export them in Excel

Premium package

The Premium package includes all Base functions together with a number of other advanced features to help you manage your vehicle fleet.  

Key aspects: 

Card block

You can block a card temporarily or permanently.


Can set parameters on transactions made with your cards.


You can link a card to a driver’s smartphone so that they can use an app to visualise their card and PIN, as well as look at transactions made and find service stations on their route.

Dinamyc PIN management

You can generate any of 3 types of “dynamic” PINs:

  • base
  • one shot
  • temporary

Authorisation rules

You can set rules for where and when your cards can be used (days, region, province)

Extra package

The Extra package includes all the Base and Premium benefits, along with the following added advantages:

Dedicated Gold casella

Puoi beneficiare di una casella dedicata per godere di un'assistenza esclusiva

Unlimited free operations

You have unlimited access to card management operations and IP Client Service support requests at no charge.