What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is 32.5% ultra-pure urea and 67.5% demineralised water.
It is used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted by diesel-powered vehicles fitted with SCR systems, which stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction.

The SCR technology

SCR technology reduces exhaust gas emissions to legally-required levels, and at the same time optimises engine performance, resulting in maintenance and servicing costs.
AdBlue® functions as a reagent, which is sprayed through an injector into the exhaust system. The high temperature converts AbBlue® into carbon dioxide and ammonia. The latter is the active substance in the chemical process that takes places within the SCR system, which converts noxious nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and aqueous vapour.

The quantity of AdBlue® required

The percentage of AdBlue® a vehicle requires depends on the litres of diesel consumed, however the onboard computer will always feature an indicator that shows how much time remains until a refill is required.

AdBlue® made easy

Over 140 service stations throughout Italy include an AdBlue® pump, while many others in the network offer practical formats for filling up.

AdBlue® made accessible

Use our handy Store Locator to find your nearest AdBlue® distributor. (LINK)