Organisation and management model

IP Gruppo api adheres to an Organisation, Management and Control Model named Model 231. This is designed to ensure business is carried out in a correct, transparent manner in line with the principles contained in the Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001, which sets out the administrative liability that entities must accept.

The decree states that companies can be held responsible, and consequently sanctioned, in relation to certain crimes committed or attempted by directors or employees in the interest or to the benefit of the company.
A company is excluded from this if it has (a) implemented Organisation, Management and Control models that are effective in preventing such crimes, and (b) set up a supervisory body to monitor the models and ensure their effectiveness.

All group companies with an Organisation, Management and Control Model appoint their own supervisory body which must fulfil the following criteria:

  • be independent and in a position of impartiality with respect to those whom it will have to supervise;
  •  hold autonomous power of control and initiative;
  •  be financially autonomous;
  • hold no operative role;
  •  be in a position to guarantee continuity;
  • hold the professional requisites described above;
  • have a direct channel of communication with senior management.

Any conduct contrary to ethical standards and company policies should be communicated by anyone with knowledge of it to the supervisory body of the company in question by in writing or e-mail. This can be done anonymously if preferred.

The Italiana Petroli S.p.A. supervisory body is made up of the following individuals:

  • Giuseppe BIACCA (President)
  • Franco ISOLA
  • Maurizio MARTINETTI

Written communication

Letters should be sent to Via Salaria 1322, 00138 Rome, addressed to “l’Organismo di Vigilanza” [supervisory body] of the company in question.

Email communication

Please find below a list of the supervisory body email addresses for the various companies: