IP Plus

The IP Plus is a fuel card developed by IP for company vehicle fleets, carriers and freelance operators, making it easy to fill up at any of our approximately 4600 service stations scattered throughout Italy.

It can be used to purchase LPG, methane, lubricants, AdBlue®, car wash services and above all, to refuel with Optimo, a fuel designed to lower consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, thus helping the environment.

In other words, A WIN-WIN CHOICE!

The IP Plus card offers a host of benefits:

Contractual flexibility: customised conditions for every client

Extended payment: extended invoice payment terms

Pratical: electronic invoice issued, in a format that meets regulatory requirements

Customised cap: based on consumption

Secure payment: PIN code, driver PIN”, dynamic PIN codes

Customisable service alerts: a series of parameters that enable you to monitor transactions and keep track of fuel consumption, including transaction total, tank litres, % cap, average consumption, time restrictions, weekend and holiday transactions.

Fraud detection system: abnormal transactions are monitored and signalled 
Specific online portal where you have 360° control of your fuel card or cards , with functions such as additional card request, card blocking, etc.  

User-friendly portal: simply open the IP Plus portal, log in to your personal area and receive a digital PIN via your preferred format.

Road toll payment:  pit can be used to be motorway tolls, parking fees and much more!

⦁ For more information or to request an IP Plus card, contact an IP representative!