Engine lubricant oils

IP produces engine lubricant oils under the IP brand, designed for intended for light and heavy automotive, agriculture and industrial use.

The starting point for IP engine lubricants are high quality mineral and/or synthetic bases and specific combinations of latest-technology additives that increase performance and reliability.
They are designed to deliver outstanding protection against wear and tear, not only for new-generation engines but also older models.
The top-of-the-range products are formulated to ensure maximum engine efficiency, to contribute to fuel economy and to enable longer intervals between oil changes (in line with car and truck manufacturing regulations), resulting in reduced maintenance and running costs.
A well-lubricated engine consumes less fuel and lasts longer.
Combine them with OPTIMO and see how your engine performance improves!
The IP catalogue includes an engine lubricant specifically developed for motorised wood-cutting equipment that has been designed to avoid damaging our forest ecosystem.
Its plant-based oil formulation makes it 90% biodegradable!
Find out more at IP GEO ECOGUARD
All our automotive lubricants conform to technical specifications drawn up by ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association), meaning they comply with the latest EURO engine emission regulations. They maintain a high level of catalytic and other post-treatment exhaust emission efficiency, thus conforming with the Kyoto Convention in terms of combatting environmental pollution.

Read the IP engine lubricants technical and safety data sheets .