Parma is the location as IP and Domino’s Pizza start a partnership that is set to revolutionise the traditional fuel stop

The api Groups’s IP distribution outlets and the pizza chain have signed an agreement that will see nine new outlets in IP service stations throughout Italy, with Parma being the first to open.

The api Group is the leading private player in Italy in the fuel and transport services sector. With a network of 4,600 outlets strategically spread throughout the country, its logistics network and refining capabilities make it an essential partner when it comes to transport and mobility.
Since it was founded in 1993, the api Group has remained 100% privately owned. Today the industrial activities of the api Group are part of Italiana Petroli S.p.A.
The api Group is an integrated operator in all fuel and transport and mobility sectors. It is involved in the entire downstream petroleum cycle, from crude to refining, right through to logistics, distribution and sales.

The broad network throughout Italy and vast base of over 12 million unique customers make api the largest “mobility retailer” in the Italian marketplace.