Poste and IP

IP and Poste italiane join forces, creating a network of integrated services that combines a refuel stop with the increasing occurrence of sending and receiving parcels, allowing customers to save time by doing everything in one place.

The initiative will kick off immediately with 40 outlets in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

The two companies have signed a framework agreement to develop pick-up points solely for online purchases, for sending franked packages and for returns for the main e-commerce sites that are part of the PuntoPoste network. These are Amazon, Zalando, Webste, Libreria Universitaria, Libreria Scolastica, Che Giochi, Prima Infanzia and Made in Cucina.
34 collection points are already in service. Of these, 11 are in Piedmonte (Vercelli - Sp 455 Pontestura, Via Samone - Ss 565, Susa - San Giuliano, Settimo Torinese - S.P. 3 Km. 3+900, Moncalieri - Reg. Sanda Vadò/ Via Luserna San Giovanni - Via I° maggio, Gozzano - Via XXV Aprile 8, Gattico - S.S.142 Del Biellese, Turin – Orbassano, Alpignano - S.S. 24 Km. 14+215, Via Val Della Torre E Via Alpignano); 13 in Lombardy (Rezzato - S.S.45 Bis Lato Nord, Pian Camuno - S.S. 42, Suello - S.S. 36 Valass. Km 41+650, Cernusco Lombard - SS 342 Km. 5+030, Monza - Enrico Fermi 27, Parabiago - V.le Lombardia, Inzago - Marconi/Turati, Pieve Porto Morone - S.S. 412 Val T, Landriano - S.P. Val Tidone Km 10+9, Cassano Magnago - Via Marconi, Tradate - Ss 233 Varesina, Saronno - Ex Ss 233 Km 22+099, Bergamo - V. Borgo Palazzo 167); 6 in Emilia-Romagna (Parma - Via Paradigna, Chiesuol Del Fosso - S.S. 64 Porret, Ravenna - Fornace Zarattini, Rimini – Colonnella, Bologna - Le Roveri, Bologna - Viale Silvani 8/3) and in Tuscany (Prato - Via Roma 552 Loc. Fontanell, Florence – Giannotti, Massa - Via Carducci, Viareggio - V. Aurelia Sud).

Over the coming months another 6 collection points will open with 2 in Lombardy (Zanica in S.S.591 and Brescia via Dalmazia 80); 2 in Piedmont (Orbassano in Via Alfieri 23 and Marano Ticino in Ss 32); 1 in Emilia-Romagna (Casteldebole in Via Nuova Bazzenese) and 1 in Tuscany (Pistoia - Raccordo di Pistoia Km. 0).

With the arrival of Poste services, IP outlets are becoming technologically-advanced multiservice hubs designed to meet the increasingly diverse needs of today’s consumers. The intention is to create a more complete and varied experience for customers who stop to refuel and help them to save time by offering money-saving solutions that are in tune with evolving consumption habits.