The Corporate Academy for Transition and Sustainability

Two important training seminars were organised in 2022 by the IP Academy in Rome as part of the group’s road journey towards transition. The first, held in July, focused on new types of energy for transport and mobility, while the second, which took place in October, was on the importance of sustainability reporting.

Both sessions were made available to the entire IP family by means of the IP Corporate Academy online platform, while those involved in roles more closely related to the themes under the spotlight attended in person.

At the seminar on the topic of new mobility energy alternatives, experts from the Turin Polytechnic, Italian Institute of Technology and the Environment Park participated in what were a packed four hours of indepth learnings and reflections on the future scenarios when it comes to energy and mobility. The day was split into four modules, with the first led by Davide Damosso, the General Secretary of Envipak. He spoke about technological macro-trends and European energy legislation, primarily looking at hydrogen, the electrification of biofuel consumption and the reuse of CO2, along with a look at how regulation standards are evolving.

In the second module, Professor Fabrizio Pirro, Head of Science at Turin’s ITT, spoke about the project to create a research and innovation infrastructure for developing innovative fuels. IP is one of the founds of this project, which is financed by the Italian Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (National Resilience and Recovery Plan) and set to start rolling out as early as 2023.

In the third module, Professor David Chiaramonti, one of the leading European experts in the field of biofuels, described the complex process of developing alternative fuels, focusing on the opportunities offered by the marine and aviation sectors.

The fourth module saw Professor Massimo Santarelli of the Turin Polytechnic take a deep look into hydrogen, its industrial applications and the most robust methodologies for its production and transport.

The October seminar involved the entire IP Sustainability working group and the relevant representatives from the various departments that produced the company’s Sustainability Report. Also present was Cristiano Busco, Professor of Accounting and Reporting at Rome’s Luiss Guido Carli university.

He spoke for two hours, focusing on the importance of quantifying non-financial activities and on the evolution of accounting standards over the past year.