Road bitumens

Complex mixtures of high molecular weight compounds, derived from crude distillation. Their inherent bonding, water-resistant and inert adhesion properties make them ideal for road surfaces. Technical data Bitumens for road surfaces b.50/70 Bitumens for road surfaces b. 70/100 Bitumens for road surfaces b.35/50 Bitumens for road surfaces b. 160/220 Safety sheets Bitumen safety sheets

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IP Gruppo api header Bitumi Stradali Modificati

Modified road bitumens

Modified road bitumens: obtained from the interaction between bitumen and polymer, formulated in a special plant and under controlled conditions  A bitumen is “modified” when its rheological behaviour and distinguishing properties resemble the polymer used to modify it, while retaining the bitumen’s bonding properties. A modified bitumen therefore delivers significantly better performance compared with standards

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Special road bitumens

Le peculiarità nel bitume e le diverse tipologie di additivazione o modifica d’impianto permettono l’ottenimento di prodotti innovativi e speciali adatti ad affrontare tutte le tematiche tipiche di una pavimentazione stradale, dai mastici per la sigillatura delle fessurazioni, ai prodotti bituminosi con una maggiorata resistenza all’attacco degli idrocarburi. Technical data sheets Bitumen 70-100 PRO MODIFICA Emulsifiable

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Bituminous emulsions are a cold alternative to standard bitumen and offer improved performance, fewer emissions and the ability to recycle milled asphalt. Technical data CL60 EC emulsions CLM 60 EC emulsions CR 55 EC emulsions CR55 1 EC emulsions CR60 EC emulsions CR60 FLUX EC emulsions CR65 EC emulsions CRM60 EC emulsions CRM 65 EC

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Industrial bitumens

Classes of bitumen with chemical-physical characteristics that favour molecular bonding with specific types of polymers to create high-performance membranes. Extensive research into industrial bitumens has enabled IP to formulate binding agents that allows clients to manufacture the very best membranes available both within Italy and on the international market. These membranes are mainly used in

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DOP ( dichiarazione di prestazione ) Technical data sheets DoP ALMA bitumi per pavimentazioni stradali DoP 50-70 DoP 70-100 DoP api AM DoP api HARD DoP api MEDIUM DoP api SOFT Dop Bitumi modificati Bitumtec Volpiano Dop Bitumi Stradali Bitumtec Volpiano Dop Emulsioni Bituminose Bitumtec Volpiano Dop Mastici Bituminosi Bitumtec Volpiano

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