IP awards students from Le Marche Polytechnic

On 15 July 2021 in Rome, 14 students from the Faculty of Economics’ Strategies for International Markets course received awards. The previous May, they had taken up the challenge of participating in a competition to develop an advertising campaign for a more sustainable approach to mobility, promoted by Optimo, the IP fuel that helps reduce consumption and environmental impact while also improving engine performance.

The winners and runners-up presented their ideas for an innovative and original marketing campaign for IP to Ugo Brachetti Peretti, President of IP, Managing Director Daniele Bandiera and senior management IP. The prizegiving took place on the eve of the launch of the new OPTIMO campaign in major Italian media channels.

The competition involved around 30 students, divided into 7 groups, from the course coordinated by Professor Silvio Cardinali who organised the initiative together with Moretti Comunicazione. The winners not only won Optimo fuel vouchers, but were invited to take part in a special IP training day during which they discovered how some of the company’s departments worked at first hand.

The interaction between universities and businesses offers young people a taste of the working world, improves their skills and prepares them for the professional challenges that they will face. This was the thinking that led to the cooperation between the api Group, with its roots in the Marche region, and the Marche Polytechnic, with both partners committed to widening their collaboration.