Education and the stakeholder community

Together with the Polytechnic University of Le Marche (UNIVPM), IP held a seminar which was titled “Sustainability as usual? Sustainability after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine”. It was a fascinating, in-depth two hours that, as has now become tradition, took place during the ASVIS (Italian Sustainable Development Alliance) Sustainability Festival, which involved more than 100 Economics students. IP and ASCIS representatives were joined by Professors Chiucchi and Giuliani from the UNIVPM Management Department (DIMA), well-known companies from the Marche region, and Gianclaudio Torlizzi, a raw materials trader and author of the book “Materia Raria” [Rare Matter]. The Round Table discussion looked at how the approach to sustainability has transformed over the past years against a backdrop of pandemic and war, and the resultant changes at both a macro level in terms of geopolitics and global economic trends, and micro level, all of which ultimately affect businesses and their decisions.

From governance to the sustainability report, from reporting to stakeholder engagement. These were the topics on the table during the two-hour seminar on non-financial reporting by the MASEC (Sustainability and Circular Economy Management) faculty of the UNIVPM, which offered important reflections on how corporate values can find representation, become tangible and be shared through a sustainability report. It was also the chance to issue 25 students with a challenge to come up with new methods and processes to create and maintain a dialogue with client stakeholders, in order to help develop a corporate strategy. This challenge was laid down by IP to students enrolled in the MASEC Master’s Non-Financial Reporting course at the Polytechnic University of Le Marche. The students’ works were presented at the Academy premises in Falconara Marittima with an intense and constructive exchange of ideas on energy, sustainable mobility and the future.